Older feet naturally develop more problems because the skin tends to thin and lose it's elasticity. Healing can take longer and wear and tear to the joints over the years may have caused some degree of arthritis.

But painful and uncomfortable feet aren't a natural part of growing old or something to "put-up with". A lot can be done to improve comfort, relieve pain and maintain mobility.

It's not too late to start caring!

Follow the MHC Podiatry daily foot care routine and keep on the move. Keeping toenails cut and under control will help keep you mobile but you may need help with this from your chiropodist/podiatrist………read the full  article

“MANX HOME CARE PROVIDES PODIATRY HOME VISIT SERVICES …. as an extension of their domiciliary services”.

Within the comfort of their home Island residents can now enjoy the facility of podiatry treatment.

Feet are just as important as, for example, teeth. Yet few of us seek special attention for feet and ankles. Specialist attention to feet can help with aches and pains in hips and knees, as well as improving posture and mobility in older people and children alike.

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Mr R N  of Peel….says

“I was very happy with the Manx Home Care Podiatry Service and in particular the caring and professional nature of their visiting podiatrist.

She was a really lovely lady with a great personality.

I have never experienced this on the island in the past”.